Cavalet Haväng Kabinväska 55cm Resväska

1299 kr

Cavalet Haväng kabinväska 55cm, årets limited edition, med riktigt fina detaljer. Det glada mönstret, med jättefina blommor, ger flower power en helt ny touch. Detta är en välgjord serie med detaljer som gör den enkel att leva med. Avdelare med ficka, spännband såväl i locket som i botten 10 års fabrikationsgaranti, Fast, infällt TSA-lås, tresiffrig kombination.

  • Material: 100% Polykarbonat
  • Färg: Rosa blommor, Ljusgrön, Ljuslila
  • Mått: 54 x 38 x 20 cm (Höjd Bredd Djup)
  • Liter: 38 L
  • Vikt: 2,7 kg
  • 75655


  • June 5, 1945 is a historic date for Cavalet. That is when Carlo Hjort and Willy Olsen founded
    Kuffertfabriken in a basement in Söborg, Denmark. In 1961 Cavalet built its own factory in
    Copenhagen, Denmark. At that time the name was Rejse-let. To strengthen their position on the
    market they needed a new, more international brand name. Carlo Hjort liked to sit in his office
    watching the airplanes take off from Kastrup Airport. Caravelle was one of the airplane models he was
    fascinated by. Therefore Cavalet is a combination of Rejse-let and Caravelle. During the years the company
    got many awards for its innovative and functional design. Cavalet was first out with recessed wheels and
    the telescopic handle. In 1980 Cavalet reached its peak in sales and brand awareness and was bought by
    the company ÖK. They moved the production to Asia and the product range was complimented by hard and
    soft suitcases.
    Today Cavalet is a Swedish company upholding the legacy of over 75 years of functional design.
    Timeless style and uncompromising quality is the core of everything we do. Once again, we’re getting ready
    to pack our bags and head out on a new journey.




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